Ganesha Group was founded in 2012 as we saw a gap in product distribution that seemed to be ignored by most of companies in the industry today. That was many companies were willing to change the new ways in which technology has enabled consumers to purchase their products. With today’s technology and massive competition across all sectors of the industry. Now more than ever we realized that with all the competition and more product lines available than ever before. We saw a unique opportunity. This was to focus not only on product distribution. We felt it was necessary to focus on education, sales, marketing, distribution all while using today’s technology to achieve our goals.

We are very proud to have created a unique organization distributing only premier brands on two continents. We wanted to bring back the days where customer service and a unique relationship with each client was the norm. While embracing technology customer services is always our main focus.


Our education team has a combined 100 plus years in the industry. Our team provides all training for our customers. Additionally, we host company shows and training seminars on a weekly basis. Our Education team provides training for our customers at these live events. Our team is also responsible for keeping all existing clients up to date on existing brands. This always assures that our clients are up on the newest techniques and products.



Our sales team is very highly trained aggressive, eager and well educated in their roles. each member of the sales team is responsible not only for their territory and designated brands. But they must meet or exceed their monthly and quarterly sales targets. In additional, our sales staff is trained not only by our sales managers, but they are also required to train with the education team as well. This ensures that our sales representatives are delivering the highest quality customer service while be able to offer extensive knowledge on the brand they represent.


Being that one of the founders previously owned an advertising agency for 20 years prior to getting into this industry. Our marketing team and marketing programs our nonpareil. Our marketing is what has enabled our company to grow so quickly. Our marketing campaigns vary across a wide range. For each market we have the following: Magazine ad’s, Direct mail, Social media influencers, Social media marketing, Weekly company sponsored shows, Printing Collateral i.e. (Brochures, flyers, posters, catalogs etc.) marketing collateral i.e. (hair clips, brushes, mirrors, pens etc.). Telemarketing, Direct sales, Attending trade shows and more.


Ganesha Group is very proud of the brand portfolio we have created to offer our clientele. All brands have been carefully chosen to fill our client’s requests and needs within our supply chain. We take great pride in representing the brands and working with the manufacturers to always delivery quality premier health/beauty products to our customers.